YouTube Premiere, but for livestreams

StreamCatch helps you catch your favorite streamer's awkward moments!

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Moments never come back, so catch 'em all, anywhere, anytime

Awkward mic mute silences, weird face expressions, even leaked secrets. Rest assured, you can catch it all (if you dare to do so).

Need to AFK but want to be in time for the show? No problem. Just open StreamCatch, enter a URL, then turn off the phone screen.

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How StreamCatch does it

Here is the breakdown of what StreamCatch will do for you


Prior to the streamer's schedule 20-30 minutes, you enter a streamer URL or a stream URL, StreamCatch will monitor for the first signal.

Watch the first 10 minutes

Once the streamer goes live, we will broadcast the livestream for you so that you can sit and absorb the lesser-known portion of the stream.


After the first 10 minutes, we will redirect you to the main stream. You will continue your destiny there.

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All free of charge. You can catch upto 2 streams at the same time.

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